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David J. Jones DDS

As a family oriented general dental practice, we offer all the dental services you would expect including:

PEDIATRICS: We welcome families and enjoy children in our practice.

DENTAL HYGIENE: We have an outstanding staff of four registered Dental Hygienists with many years of experience. Our hygiene appointments are scheduled for one hour so that we have ample time for your cleaning appointment.


RESTORATIVE PROCEDURES: We have a full range of restorative materials to restore function and aesthetics to your dentition.


CROWNS AND BRIDGES: We are able to provide a full range of prosthodontic services with state of the art materials. We work with Gnathodontics Dental Lab.


SURGERY: We limit our practice to simple extractions. More difficult cases are referred to an oral surgeon.


IMPLANTS: We use a team approach coordinating with our lab, referral surgeon, and our staff to meet your implant needs.


ROOT CANALS: We provide endodontic services for all teeth.


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