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Evulsed Teeth
Art Gallery
David J. Jones DDS
Colossal Archives Exhibition

Public · By David Jones and Carrie Ann Baade

Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts
304 Hwy. 105, Palmer Lake, CO

January 10 - February 1


Art Show in Paris
with Carrie Ann Baade

July 6 - 19, 2013

Carrie Anne Baade art show in Paris July 6-19 2013
Shakti by Carrie Ann Baade    Shakti  

Art Opening Reception
with Carrie Ann Baade

Thursday July 19, 7 - 8 pm

Reception with the Artist:

Friday July 20, 5 - 8 pm

Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts

304 Hwy. 105, Palmer Lake, CO.


Billy Shire Fine Arts
5790 Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232

August 18 - September 8 , 2007

The edgy and intellectual paintings of Carrie Ann Baade are quickly gaining recognition around the world. Her imaginative portraits and narratives are informed by religion and mythology. Gods, rulers, demons, and monsters play out the complexity of the human condition in her works that incorporate forgotten paintings to quote and interpret. She has traveled around the globe in search of inspiration; her works manifest history painting into an entirely original vision, rich with the confluence of cultures and time periods.

Baade has just been nominated for a United States Artist Fellowship for 2007 which is one prestigious awards offered. Her work is features in Metamorphosis, a book released in the spring of 2007 featuring the top, contemporary Surrealists. In 2007, she will have solo exhibitions at the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art and The Ningbo Art Museum of China. In 2008, solo exhibitions of her work will be held in Berlin and London.

Carrie is currently an Assistant Professor of Painting and Drawing at Florida State University.

  The Devil is In the Details
by Carrie Jones Baade

  The Teachings of Lilith
by Carrie Jones Baade

The Involuntary Thoughts of Lady Caroline Dubois
limited edition giclee prints available from the artist
Carrie Jones Baade


Cupid Complaining to Venus
limited edition giclee prints available from the artist
Carrie Jones Baade

Shows by Carrie Jones Baade:

Virtues and Vices
Surreal Portraits of the
Commendable and Contemptible
March 30 - May 20, 2007
200 S. Madison Street
Wilmington, DE 19801


Passion of Lovers by Carrie Jones Baade.

Carrie Ann “Jones” Baade is coming home! The Lewis-Palmer High School graduate (class of ’93) has been relentless in her pursuit of realizing the artist’s life. Global travels, studies at leading arts institutes, numerous nationally recognized exhibits and a distinguished teaching career have led the now-resident of Philadelphia back home to where it all began. Baade will have a selection of her oil paintings on exhibit at Pankratz Gallery at 366 2nd St. in Monument on May 18- June 9. Trans-Conscious Visions: the Imaginative Realism of Carrie Ann Baade will have a formal opening reception on Thurs, May 18 from 5-8 pm, coinciding with Monument’s first Art Hop and Summer Celebration for this year. Baade will follow up the opening with a special multi-media presentation to share her artistic process and inspiration on Thurs, May 25 at 5 pm. This will be held in the same location as Pankratz Gallery in the Gallery Center: three doors down at the Herb Garden Bistro. All events are free and open to the public, but seating is limited for the May 25 presentation and reservations are recommended.

“Carrie’s been a part of our lives since she was in elementary school,” said Linda Pankratz, the Gallery’s owner. “She and our daughter, Jodie have never lost contact and we’ve been able to keep an eye on Carrie’s artistic evolution over the years. Now this “kid” is going to provide one of the most exciting and challenging openings we’ve ever had.”

Indeed, Baade’s paintings will cast a different aura in the Pankratz Gallery collection. The Gallery is a Monument institution and has been present in one form or another for almost 30 years. Originally a showcase for the ceramic sculpture and “functional” art of Richard Pankratz, the move to its present location at The Gallery Center in 1991 provided the opportunity to feature a collection of paintings, sculpture and jewelry from nationally recognized artists. While Baade’s exquisite attention to detail will be right at home in this setting, the highly illustrative and deeply personal quality of her creations will stand out strongly.

“I have to admit, bringing the essence of my work back to where I grew up is a powerful mission for me,” said Baade. “My own image and personal struggles appear allegorically in my work. Having friends, family and former teachers experiencing my view of art and life will have a huge impact for me.”

As an aspiring art professor, Baade has held adjunct teaching positions at Washington College, the University of Delaware, Cecil County Community College, and Delaware College of Art and Design. She received her B.F.A. from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1997 and a Masters in Painting from the University of Delaware in 2003.

“I consider myself to be steward and ax man to the legacy of art history by cutting and serving up the reinvigorated past to be contemplated in context of the contemporary,” she said. “Nearly every subject in my paintings receives an additional set of eyes. The superimposed eyes are like a mask, thus providing the opportunity to role play, hide, or act out.”

Pankratz Gallery is regularly open Tues.. – Fri. 10 am to 5:30 pm and Sat. 10 am – 4:30 pm. Beginning May 15, the Gallery is also open on Mon.

The Hysterical Pregnancy by Carrie Jones Baade. Review
Carrie Ann Baade was featured in the Delaware News Journal for being the recipient of the Individual Artist Fellowship Recipient from the Delaware Division of the Arts. Copy of Web Page

New works by Carrie Jones Baade, Fall, 2005

Red Queen in Progress by Carrie Jones Baade Insomniac by Carrie Jones Baade


Vacationing Bodhivasattava by Carrie Jones Baade

David Jones Monument Dentist Office Artwork Sculpture by Richard Pankratz
in the Base Camp building lobby
Bay at Chioggia by Joe Bohler David Jones Monument Dentist Office Artwork

pots and Agua Volcano, Antigua, Guatemala
Kind Clinic Director Cindy and Antigua fountain
Hermano Pedro Hospital, Antigua, Guatemala
Cindy and street vendors, Comalapa, Guatemala
Waiting room, Comalapa, Guatemala
Comalapa, Guatemala
Office Halloween Party, 2004

David J. Jones, D.D.S.
All rights reserved.